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L-Flux (aka Lloyd Rhodes-Brandon) is a Surrey-based artist and writer boasting an eclectic portfolio of poetry, music, and visual art. Exploring a wide range of moods, desires and personas across multiple creative mediums, their work is not only very personal, but highly diverse in terms of both subject and style. 

Those interested in photo-manipulation will enjoy the experimental work available via L-Flux’s website. Making use of various light sources, and incorporating obscure compositions and unexpected textures, it offers an abstract, dream-like aesthetic that is not only beautiful but conceptually engaging.

Below is a selection of L-Flux’s artwork, with short explanations and figurative descriptions provided by the artist.

Lights, Camera, Pencil

About the project: Lights, Camera, Pencil is a product of rage, and probably some loneliness. Around twenty minutes of frenzied scribbling resulted in the scrawled background, which was combined with a hastily doodled cowering figure and a variety of light sources.

Photography & Photo-manipulation

About the selection: Images in both colour and black and white, some edited to such a point that describing them as photographs would be a misrepresentation.

A voyager makes his first steps into deathly heat. The veins on his small, meek feet are ready to pop as he wrestles against nature.
Three Children and Three Adults
Three children and three adults stand in another plane of existence, somewhere north of ours. None of them knows each other. The children begin to play. The adults keep walking, except for one, who stands and looks to the bleached ground in idle thought.
Two ducks eagerly make their way back home, enjoying the lilac, sun-baked waters to their left, and the deep, mauve-coloured abyss to their right.
All light that could be removed from the picture was taken away, leaving only her, still, floating in a blackness, somewhere in the depths of a dream.
A Lone Fish
A lone fish poses confidently for the camera through a perfect circular window in front of sunken ruins. Again, all light outside of the focus was removed to isolate this scene.

About the Artist

L-Flux is an art-loving musician, poet and visual creative. They believe that art has an important place in our society as a bringer of change – and a killer of hate – and is determined to be a big part in that process.

To find out more about L-Flux and see more of their work, visit l-flux.com.


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