The Art of Transformation: Introducing The Death Row Artists of San Quentin, USA

Nicola White
Art of San Quentin exhibition, 2016

On Monday we published an interview with Nicola White – a London-based artist and mudlark best known for the beautiful collages and sculptures she creates using lost/discarded objects found along Thames foreshore. Fascinating as her mudlarking adventures are, the intrigue of Nicola and her work extends far beyond the Thames, as she is also the founder of Art Reach – a charity which supports the artistic expression and development of death row prisoners in the US.

Set up by Nicola in 2015 to provide art materials and regular meaningful contact for death row inmates in San Quentin, California, Art Reach gives purpose and hope to some of America’s most ostracised citizens, recognising each and every one of them as an individual artist, in spite of the crimes they have perpetrated.

To support the important and hugely valuable work that Nicola is doing through Art Reach, and to recognise the human rights of death row inmates in the US and beyond, we will be dedicating the next few weeks to the artwork and writing of the men she supports.

Art of San Quentin exhibition, 2016

The showcase, which we will be publishing as an extended In-Sight arts feature, will tie in with the prisoners’ forthcoming exhibition,  THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION: Redemption versus Death. Be sure to pop along to the Old Deptford Cinema in Lewisham from 8-29 April to witness in full effect the many talents of San Quentin’s death row artists.

To find out more about Art Reach, and how creative expression is giving hope and purpose to death row inmates, please visit, and/or connect with the charity on Twitter and Instagram. You can also find out more about Nicola and her mudlarking adventures at


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