In-Sight: The Artists and Writers of San Quentin Prison – Keith Loker (#J-52100)

A Mother's Thoughts
A Mother’s Thoughts by Keith Loker

Founded in 2015 by London-based artist Nicola White, Art Reach is a charity which gives purpose and hope to death row inmates in the US, providing art materials, regular meaningful contact, and the opportunity to exhibit their work here in the UK. To support the valuable work that Nicola is doing to support some of America’s most ostracised citizens, and to recognise the human rights of death row inmates in the US and beyond, we will be dedicating the next few weeks to the artwork and writing of the men she supports at San Quentin Prison, California.


Keith Loker
Keith Loker was sentenced to death in 1995.

These scenes I present to your eyes are the silent movements from a man within a place of confinement. My attempt to seek an original voice out of often cluttered thoughts in my head. Memories to reasonings that can make it difficult to hear and see clearly the right paths as I work to maintain sanity within this space.

This environment is designed and managed to restrain all movements that breathing needs to bring life to minds, spirits and bodies. And these boundaries at the least obstruct forward thinking beyond my past and beyond the shadows and negatives that these walls keep contained within.

No I’m not yet an artist. I am just silently yelling through each scene I finish in voices that do not convey all my thoughts nor all the truths. The truth is out there, my original voice not yet found at this time nor upon the boundaries of the art paper.

At this time I am mainly taking on scenes as I am moved to do them for a personal reason (like A Mother’s Thoughts – a scene of the older mother reflection in the window with a boy on the beach and the pick up truck.) This made me think of my mother’s pain over my life. Other pieces are tests to see if an idea turns out well, or to test how mi ink brush pens look visually when used in certain ways.

To find out more about Keith and his work, visit and

Be sure to pop along to THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION: Redemption versus Death at the Old Deptford Cinema before the end of April to witness in full effect the many talents of San Quentin’s death row artists.


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