Fish in Frocks by Lucy Draper

It’s Not all a Load of Pollocks by Lucy Draper

Think you’ve seen it all? Well, you’d better think again because Lucy Draper’s Fish in Frocks photography project is truly one of a kind. Dressing fish in unexpected garments, and including a host of cute props with witty puns thrown in for fun, Lucy’s work offers a playful and creative view of the world to counter the seriousness that can overwhelm us in adult life.

In Lucy’s own words:

‘So, I’m pretty new to the Bristol art scene; I’ve had this project tucked away for some time and now its ready to swim free!

I’m a Bristol-based photographer and studied at UWE. I like to build and create scenes with my work, collecting elements as I go, with diffident backgrounds, buttons and little hats.

This project started with me wanting to do something fun and lighthearted to show how we play and create characters when we are children and how that doesn’t have to stop once we are adults.

I started this project during university, experimenting with lots of different ideas and styles, this led me to make paper dolls wear I dressed them up for the photographs. Then one night I had dream I was dressing up some fish, in clothes! When I woke up I thought… why not? And so Fish in Frocks was born.

This project is ongoing and I plan to create more fancy fish characters as it carries though, never letting go of the childhood fun! With the hope that it brings people some enjoyment along the way.’

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About the Artist

Lucy is a BA photography graduate from the University of the West of England. Her work is constructed through the representation of human identity, whether it’s getting involved with her subjects and submersing herself into different lifestyles or using a range of elements to create artistic and stylized portraits. She expresses her freedom as an artist by exploring a variety of ideas and themes and tries not to create boundaries within her work.


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