Disordered Worlds with Stuart Jones


One of the greatest issues that we face in the 21st Century is climate change, and the very real threat to our ongoing existence that increasing environmental damage continues to pose. Incorporating traditional and contemporary artistic techniques to create an altered sense of reality, Stuart Jones explores in his landscapes the complex relationship between human life and the natural environment, portraying a world that is dramatic and beautiful, as well as constantly changing.

In Stuart’s own words:

‘As an artist I am interested in the environment and the way we view it and experience it. My work has always been inspired by the urban and rural environment and ideas of utopia, dystopia and the sublime. I use drawing and painting to create work exploring reality within environments and our relationship with it.

I am intrigued by places and spaces that exist within our lives and this has been informed by recent climate change events and natural disasters such as flooding in Britain and Taiwan, the earthquakes of Nepal and volcanic activity in Antarctica. I use drawing and painting to capture these, layering them to create meaning in the image through relationships and connections to other places/ landscapes.

I use a wide range of contemporary and traditional painting and drawing media from oil paint and mediums to household paint and spray paint, working the paint surface of the canvas or board flat on the floor or traditionally on the wall or easel. My work explores our relationships and connections with the environment and how this is consistently in flux.’

To find out more about Stuart and his work, visit www.stuartjonesartist.com.

About the Artist

Stuart Jones’ work has been widely exhibited over 20 years, most recently as part of Creative Reactions, Cambridge (2016), Mark 5, Courtyard arts, Hertfordshire (2015), Creative Reactions, Cambridge (2015), ‘Exhibition One’ by Mark 5, Oxfordshire (2015), Cities: All Dimensions, Tokarska Gallery, London (2013).


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