In-Sight: Tapper Art – Featured Works

First Grouping:

A New Race of Ducks, 2006 (top left) – A post-apocalyptic scene.

Left, 2005 (top right) – Painted in the run up to the 2006 general election.

Why Did The Turky Cross The Road?, 2013 (middle right) – Bristol billboard commissioned for Christmas 2013.

Wave Goodbye, 2006 (bottom) – A reaction to the Asian tsunami. Also a political statement regarding the oil industry.

Second Grouping:

Tap on M32, 2006 (top left) – A comment on the overuse of oil, photographed from a stationary queue of traffic.

Tap, 2006 (top right) – Tap on M32 prior to being mounted on the motorway.

Shit, 2015 (bottom left) – A deliberately poor painting from Tapper’s trips to score ‘shit’ in from a high rise block of flats Marseille.

Focus Group, 2011 (middle right) – A small band of high street consumers in focus to reflect strategies implemented by commercial bodies to target their audience. The picture plane is curved to ‘focus’ , as does a lens, any sound coming from the viewer when stood at the curve’s focal point, including the viewer as a part of the group.

Massive Wad of Cash, 2012 (bottom right) – A subverted DFS billboard advert displayed on St. Marks Road in Easton, Bristol.

Third Grouping:

Brainy, 2009 (top left) – A cardboard sculpture portrait of the artist Patrick Joyce, featured as part of the ‘Incurable Optimism’ exhibition – a collaboration between the neurologist Dr. Martin Turner, and Patrick – a Motor Neuron Disease sufferer and the face of MND 2011.

Filthy, 2011 (top right) – An image of the Queen, onto which Marylin Monroe’s hair has been pasted.

Patrick The Humorist, 2010 (middle right top) – A portrait of the artist Patrick Joyce.

L’Escargot, 2015 (middle right bottom) – An homage to Matisse. Watch Tapper’s video for further explanation.

Dartmoor, 2004 (bottom left) – A scene capturing the bleakness of Dartmoor in the morning light.

Dartmoor 2, 2004 (bottom right) – Dyptic with Dartmoor. Taken with studio lighting to give a glow effect.