Secret Diary of a Yoga Teacher

Secret Diary Photo by Instant Vantage via / CC BY-SA

Namaste everyone! Love and Light!

Today I levitated off my bed of nails at sunrise, floated in billowing trousers towards my goddess shrine and with fragrant herbal tea in hand, settled into the lotus posture to cleanse my chakras for the benefit of the universe. Then I cycled to the local carbon neutral studio and spent the day embodying serenity and inspiring others to discover their true nature whilst looking incredible in upward dog.

Ok, I have a confession to make. I’m not THAT kind of yoga teacher. To be fair, I’m not convinced THAT kind of yoga teacher exists other than on Instagram. I fell into this job because I happen to be naturally flexible (ex-dancer), long-armed (makes binding a doddle), and calm under pressure. It’s the last one that’s most important, as you will see from my diary, dear reader…