The Inner Light by Steve Champion (aka Adisa Kamara)

Steve Champion
Steve Champion was sentenced to death in 1982.
The Inner Light

There is a Latent but tangible inner light in everyone but our inner light can be submerged and stifled, making it hard to grow, difficult to shine and not easy to express yourself, if we don’t properly nurture it.

When the inner light is suppressed it is like being submerged inside a hole and the only way to free yourself is to chisel away at what’s holding you down. What usually holds us down is the identification with our ego, our refusal to let go and our unwillingness to do the hard and messy work by looking at our own short comings, imperfections and demons and then reconciling ourselves with them.

I believe, it was the German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche who said “Be careful of casting out your demons, lest you cast out the best part of yourself”. We have to learn without shame, judgement or fear to accept and embrace the total package of who we are. Denial of that acknowledgement is a rejection of the self. Our inner light is our counsel; it can be compared to a rudder that helps us to navigate the murky waters of life. Imagine if you were blindfolded and had to negotiate your way through a labyrinth of tunnels. Would you not feel lost, feel a little confused and maybe get frustrated? What about going through life blinded to your inner light and unaware of how to resolve internal conflicts that arise in your consciousness because you are not connected to yourself? The loss of our inner light is the loss of our compass. I can attest to this based on my own experiences. I grew up with people who were talented and had real potential but a disconnect from their inner light, me included, prevented our potential from being realised. Instead we took a path that took us further away from our inner light and therefore ended up on the wrong road.

The inner light is our consciousness and an indwelling spirit. It points towards true reality and it is the life force that enables us to will into existence what we invoke and visualise.

When we succeed in tapping into our inner light we awaken a natural part of our spiritual identity. We become our true essence. We become healers by healing the wounds in ourselves by healing the wounds in the universe and in the process we help guide humanity to their inner light.

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